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Strategically situated in the Eindhoven Brainport region, one of the leading technology hot-spots in Europe, AIIM was formed early 2019 as a spin-off of the Technical University Eindhoven.

We have built an incredible team of people that develops cutting edge artificial intelligence and core vision technologies. Thru our extensive research, our neural networks portfolio ranks among the best in the world, including best real-time performance.


Our unique product and service offering

Sensor selection

We thoroughly assess your use case and select optimal sensors balancing cost and performance.

Data collection

We can collect valuable raw data in your area of interest.

Feature extraction

We label the raw data, train the neural network, and automatically extract the features.


Our software enables vehicles to localize themselves, even when GPS reception is not available.


We deliver the world model as a static file up to the deployment of a cloud-based Digital Twin.

On-board planning

We manage the project, helping you navigate from A to B.

Real-time updating

Our cloud agent progressively plans and keeps the world model or Digital Twin current.


We exclusively incorporate data protection and neural network anti-hacking measures from the start.


We believe in staying fluid and flexible in our approach and solutions



AIIM experts evaluate your use case and requirements and advise you on which solution is best suited for your business goals


We bring the best team together to structure and execute a customized AI solution or implement licensed ready-made software modules for your business 


Our team works with you and other relevant partners to uncover, feasible, customized AI solutions


AIIM maintains post-implementation and guides any necessary adjustments to ensure qualitative results

About AIIM

Meet our Open Thinkers

Team AI in Motion

We are driven. And love a good challenge

No two business challenges are alike. We believe that every solution needs a unique approach, with a unique team of thinkers and doers. We have brought together a diverse group of people, all eager to redefine the possibilities that AI has to offer.

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Partners in innovation

What makes us different

AIIM has a unique collaboration with this leading European university that focuses in engineering and technology. This partnership enables us to stay current and flexible in our process and solution offerings – we are working towards a joined vision of implementing Digital Twins of Autonomous Vehicle environments within the next 5-10 years.

We offer both single products and services, or comprehensive solutions from our pipeline.

Our service levels fit to your specific use case and accommodate any budget.

We exclusively incorporate data protection and neural network anti-hacking measures from  day one of project initiation.